Finding Room

I got up pretty early this morning for how late I made it to bed. I really ought to look into blackout curtains or blinds. I didn’t really have any trouble getting out of bed though, so I got showered and started cleaning up a bit around the house. I finally decided to get rid of some big, empty boxes that were taking up a lot of space. There are still more to go, but today was already a noticeable improvement.

In the early afternoon, I went to Mark’s office to help with some trouble he was having with G Suite. I ended up sticking around for quite a while before making it up to Summer’s for a chicken dinner with some kick.

I didn’t want to leave Split for too long, and I still wanted to try and clean up some more, so I didn’t stick around too long. The girls ended up beating me home though, because I spent too much time in Walmart picking up some fresh, refrigerated cat food to try, and then perusing the clearance items. I did come out with a couple gems though.

Julie wanted to chat on the phone for a bit on the way home from there, and then the girls and I watched an episode of Glee before they each started wandering off to bed. It was nice to have enough room again to pull the futon out to make a more proper bed for the girls.

A wonderful place that becomes slowly less comfortable over time.

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