Corrugation Station

We got up this morning without any plans for lunch and a sizeable hunger, so Eaddie and I ran to Burger King for a super cheap bag of food. I really don’t even know how they can sustain those multi-packs of food, because nobody else can feed a family of four for a lucky thirteen bucks.

After we ate, Summer took the girls home to do their chores while I tried to clean up a bit more at home. I got a bunch more empty boxes out of the house, including a big one from my first flat panel TV. The Vizio is still in the garage from when I brought it home from Summer’s, but it stands freely without too much trouble. My newer LG OLED, on the other hand, would require much more care in shipping, so I really didn’t want to get rid of that enormous box, filled with high density styrofoam.

Eventually I made it out to Walmart to pick up a few things to take up to Summer’s for dinner. She tried slow cooking a pork loin for pork tacos, but it just didn’t shred at all after such a short cooking time, so I chopped it up for tacos. Overall it was a super fresh dinner that I could have felt good about if I hadn’t eaten over twice the three tacos I should have eaten.

After dinner, Summer, Eaddie, and I watched a couple episodes of Glee before I headed back home for the evening. I broke down a few more boxes, still failed to get the cat to eat anything, and eventually made it to bed before the loneliest, most stressful work week ever.

Just call me SuperTech.

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