I was a total wreck of exhaustion this morning. I thought I slept well, but I felt broken and weary as I climbed out of bed. I moped around a bit and had a shower, but I could still barely move, so it was up to a bottle of Bawls to get me moving.

I started at the high school, but pretty quickly ended up at the shop so I could ship off a piece of server equipment for Gary. Then I went down to the shop to learn that I would be setting up iPads all day. I finished 40 of them in total, and delivered them to Crawford as I left at the end of the day.

When I got home, I called the vet to try and get an appointment for Split, but the good doctor was quarantined. We may be able to wait the week, but as time passes I feel less confident in that.

Mom made phở and spring rolls for dinner, so the girls met me there to eat. Then it was back home for a very short evening before bed.

This day in the past, the baby was still a little atrophy.

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