Taco Salad

I slept much better last night, but Summer didn’t. I sent her to work with a bottle of caffeinated water, which is a thing that apparently exists. Then I was off to see what they day had in store for me.

I spent the whole day to myself at the high school, but still felt only slowly productive. It was cool to see the group text come to life so much, since eight of them were quarantined but supposed to be working from home. Even Allen chimed in a couple times.

Summer was having a rough day, so I took a late lunch to get the girls and took them to Morelos. Three of us had the taco salad that was on sale, and they were delicious. I originally felt like they looked really small, but the girls only ate about half, and I was pretty stuffed after finishing mine anyway.

Summer took the girls home afterward, and I finished my day up fighting a growing PaperCut issue. I didn’t really get anywhere with it, but it definitely seemed to be getting worse over time. That will probably be my big project for tomorrow, since it seems to be district-wide.

After work, I went to get the girls and deliver them to band and karate. Then I spent some time with Split while cleaning up a little bit. Summer got Eaddie after karate and brought her over until Autumn finished. Then they all headed home for the evening, and I spent the rest of my night with a gravy-filled cat.

What an inconvenient time to start dying.

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