I spent all morning running around the campus trying to fix the PaperCut issue. I finally got on a call with support, who offered some tips that ultimately only helped a fraction of our issues. I guess nobody’s ever heard of print jobs getting stuck like this.

I was going to go home for lunch to check on the cat, but that never happened. I just worked through lunch, then made it back to the shop in the afternoon so I could learn to print some staff badges. It’s really annoying that people in quarantine are testing negative but not coming back to work. I really don’t even understand why they’re testing in that case.

After work, I headed home and started cleaning. I got a load of laundry done, then went to Walmart to try some other cat food before coming back to clean more carpet. It feels like the water will never run clear, and my waste tank is so incredibly tiny that I think I walked a mile just emptying it repeatedly.

At least I got a snow cone.

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