Small Drive

We slept in super late today and got up for lunch at Cici’s. I had another incredible spinach alfredo pizza with all the extra toppings on top. The kids filled up, and we headed back home so they could go ride their bikes for a while. Afterward, Summer took the girls home and Noah to work.

A little while later, my parents brought Nova over to borrow a laptop for college. When I asked about it, it sounded like something that I should be able to fix pretty easily, so they left to retrieve it. I had to remove just under 20 screws to get to it, but determined that the hard drive was bad. Luckily I had a spare to donate, and we got her up and running again.

At some point in all of this, I wandered around outside with the cat for a bit and lubricated my sliding glass door, which helped way more than I thought it would. Then I went next door and did the same for Bác Vân after such a positive result. Split seemed to be quite a bit better, and definitely had more energy than the past few days.

Both girls decided to stay the night with their grandparents, so Summer eventually made it back over by herself. We got sucked into some couple’s YouTube channel where they were building a beautiful A-frame house. I ran to Arby’s for a couple French Dip and Swiss sandwiches, and then it was a pretty late night to bed.

If they can do that in 20 minutes, imagine what we could do in 45!

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