The 35 Year Plan

I got up this morning and cooked some sausage and eggs for breakfast. Then I tried to stay at least a little bit productive all day while Summer went to the gym and home to do a bit more cleaning herself. I got a few things picked up and did some more laundry while looking at some real estate listings just to get an idea of what’s out there.

Summer got back in the middle of the afternoon and started looking at some houses too, but it was all just sort of dreaming about the future. I rehashed the multiple stages of my plan with her, and then again with my parents over a shrimp soup dinner. I think it helped get everyone on the same page again, and I think we’re in a good place for steady improvement.

After dinner, we came back to my house so she could collect a few things before going home to the girls. I started my last load of laundry and did a bit of work to prepare for tomorrow. For better or worse, it’s the first day of school, and I’m mostly going it alone. I’ll just have to churn out what I can, and ignore the rest.

The Plan isn’t a step-by-step path to what you wanted today. It’s to maximize the opportunities for you to learn , and be in the right mindset to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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