Resume Work

I got up this morning and made some banana nut muffins for breakfast. I only set off the fire alarm once, because I left a drip pan full of oil in the oven at a higher than normal temperature. The muffins came out alright, though probably a bit dry for as large as they were.

Summer left to get the girls home, and I worked on my résumé and cleaned up after the cat some more. I really need to get him to the vet early this week, so I may take off early tomorrow. It feels premature to just put him down, but I doubt they’ll have any magic cure to make him eat something.

I eventually made it up to Summer’s for dinner, where I grilled some old pork chops I had in the freezer along with some fresh asparagus. Summer fried some potatoes and onions, which were the star of the show. The pork chops were too freezer burned, dry, and tough to be any good.

The girls wanted to finish our game of Phase 10 after dinner. Then Eaddie wanted to watch an episode of Glee before I left for the evening. Back home, I filled out an application for an IT job at the Dover school district. They pay more than we do, and if I were to get a step bump to where I think I should be, it would be a pretty significant pay raise. All I have to do is click the submit button.

Objective: Employment
Qualifications: Modest
Experience: Varied

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