Over the Week

Split Lip didn’t want to eat again this morning, so I put him outside with some food for the day. I went straight to the high school and tried to find focus there, but I think ultimately I was just too frustrated and mentally exhausted to do much good.

Zach came by the office for a little while and mentioned something about lunch. Then when lunch time finally came around, he said Dale was eating with us at Brangus. I met them there, and got a big table for all of us but Allen, Heather, and Melinda. Then after lunch, Dale came by the high school to scavenge a power supply from my shelf. I walked around the building a little bit with him so he could spook the library and chat with the conservative cop-folk.

The afternoon went by relatively quickly, but it helped that Zach told us to leave at three. I still ended up staying until about four, but at least I wasn’t motivated to stay any later than that. I went home and finally got the cat to eat a little bit while I played some Overwtach.

When Summer finally came over, we went to get some gas, then to Walmart to browse around and pick out some stuff for Travis’s pirate-themed birthday party tomorrow. We got home late and hungry, so we just ate some leftovers out of the fridge, then watched a couple episodes of Cobra Kai before bed.

I wish the cat would stop democrating all over the carpet.

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