I got up this morning and made some delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast. Summer left to get the Lit’l Smokies and smoked sausage started in the slow cooker while I got dishes cleaned and took a shower at home.

The afternoon was quite a bit slower than I expected it to be, but I sorely needed the time to just relax. Eventually Summer got back and we headed up to Travis’s for his pirate-themed birthday party.

John and Melissa were already there, but Veronica bailed on us as usual. Travis’s mother seemed to be doing pretty well, and a good, quiet time was had by all. The girls got into some temporary tattoos, and would have tried making full sleeves if we hadn’t come out to chat.

After the party, we came back home and settled in. Noah called to chat about his feelings for a bit, and gave me the best compliment I could ever hope for. I spent the rest of the night boiling the hell out of some chicken breast for the cat, but he probably won’t eat it anyway.

Do what you want, cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate!

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