Option: Flee

I stopped at the practice facility first thing this morning and had a crab rave with their four TVs and projector. I didn’t even realize you could cast to more than one Airtame at once until today. The video was awful, but the audio was worse pumping through those in-ceiling speakers.

The rest of my day was a bit scattered. I had to meet a Dover kid at the Career Center because she couldn’t type a password correctly. I did a bit more running around the building as well, and worked right through lunch again.

After work, I came home and had a chicken salad for dinner. I was really sleepy, and my right hand had been sore all day, so I didn’t get up to much else. I played a very little bit of Overwatch, tried playing with the cat, and eventually made it to bed super early.

Leave it to the school board to ruin my 2021 plans as well.

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