The Help

I woke up so tired again this morning, so it was nice that Greg showed up at my office this morning to help out. I sent him on a couple errands while I worked on some more software deployments. I really lost track of time, because lunch time came and went, and I barely noticed.

After work, I stopped by the shop for Autumn’s gift bag for helping over the summer, then went to get her for an Explorers meeting. Once I dropped her off, I stopped to see Summer for a bit on the way home. The girls would end up coming over for the evening, but it would be late, so I stopped for a cheap Bacon Big Mac deal.

When they got there, they made salads out of the rotisserie chicken we bought yesterday, and we watched an episode of Glee. It felt like every bone in my body hurt, so it was off to bed as soon as I could get there.

Don’t panic.

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