Something Screwy

We had more “training” today, which was really just going over expectations with the new folks. At the end of it, I was voted into the Classified Personnel Policy Committee, essentially by default as the most tenured, sensible person in the department. Afterward I ended up hanging out at the shop all day long, which is nice to do occasionally. Most days I never leave the high school, so it’s cool getting to hang out and actually learn something with someone else for a while.

Zach really wanted CJ’s for lunch, so a big group of us went there. It’s going to be pretty bad for the district if anyone comes down with symptoms over the weekend. When we got back to the shop, Gary and I sat down and came up with a plausible cause for the flash drives wiping themselves out. It’ll take a little testing, but I think we’re in the clear, and it was way more simple than I originally figured.

I went home for a little while, then met Summer at the shop so they could inspect my rear right tire for a puncture after it leaked a few pounds overnight. Sure enough, I had a screw right in the middle of it. It wasn’t very long, but it was plenty to do the job. They got me patched up while Summer took Autumn home.

The girls were going to go out for dinner with their father, so I went home to clean up a bit before taking Summer out. She was tired and not very hungry, but she needed to eat before Conquer the Gauntlet tomorrow. I took her to Mulan’s after Allen announced earlier in the day that they had re-opened for dine-in. I expected an odd experience, but it really wasn’t too bad. They just had everyone use single-use gloves, and tried to enforce traffic flow in a single direction. It didn’t really help a whole lot, since people still bounced back and forth between bars, but it was a good experience.

When we got back home, Eaddie sat down with us to start season five of Glee. Then Summer passed out, and I stayed up too late on the computer. Tomorrow morning is going to be a real treat.

I almost forgot what it was like to eat this much.

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