Conquer the Everything

We got up early this morning to get Summer to Little Rock for Conquer the Gauntlet. Some guys from Splash were running, so we caught up to them and got her started. Then the girls were hungry, so we ran to the Pilot and Burger King for something small to eat. The girl at the drive-through said their system was down and they couldn’t serve us, but then I talked to a group of employees standing outside, and the girl there said they would have our order out in just a few minutes. Food did come out, but the fries were unsalted, and we didn’t get any condiments at all.

We made it back to the course with just enough time to finish our food and make it to an obstacle near the end. Autumn caught the guys first, then Summer came along shortly thereafter. It was the same thing Hannah and I got to see last year, and Summer powered right on through.

Summer finished with a time of 1:35, then we went back to the Pilot so she could get a shower. I accidentally left the car running on battery power while we waited, so when I got back to the girls it was completely dead. I pulled out the jumper cables, and almost immediately had two different guys offer to jump me. It really could not have been a more convenient inconvenience. The car was super dead, so it took a couple minutes of charging to start, but we got going and didn’t have any more trouble the rest of the day.

First we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Our waitress even brought Summer a sundae for her accomplishment. Then we went to McCain Mall and spent an eternity walking around that place. I don’t remember ever spending any time in the furniture area in the past, but they actually had some interesting looking stuff. The department did seem very unfinished in a lot of places though.

After the mall, we went to The Original ScoopDog for some ice cream. They were only operating at the drive-through, so we ended up waiting there for probably half an hour at least, because they didn’t actually have a speaker set up. We just had to give them our order at the window, and they turned around to make it.

Everyone was pretty exhausted, so we came straight back home from there. We got settled in, and Summer and I watched a couple episodes of Cobra Kai before Eaddie came around. Then we watched a couple episodes of Glee with her. We ended on the memorial episode for Cory Monteith, which tore us to shreds. It really just felt like the day would never end.

It’s an even more powerful kick that you deliver while standing on your hands so it frees up both legs!

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