You R1 to Talk

It was another pretty lovely day, so I got the big boy out for the ride in to work. I meant to call in for service, but never got around to it. The morning was relatively quiet, though I did spend some time with Ethan trying to troubleshoot a software installation.

I took another late lunch and just ran home to make a burrito. Then I went to the shop for a little while to sign some paperwork and put in for vacation time. Ben had me extract another headphone plug from an iPad, so I got to deliver that to Oakland on the way back to the high school.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly too, and I spent the last part of the day chatting with Karen in the library. I guess I caught her in a calm mood, because for a moment it felt a little like I was kicked back on a therapist’s chaise lounge. It was a good chat though, and I felt like we bonded a little.

Summer made chicken and dumplings for dinner that was ready before I got off, so I had to run straight to her house for dinner after work. The girls had karate, so she took them in while I waited. Then we chatted for a bit until she had to pick them up.

I went home for the evening with the hopes of getting a bit more cleaned up, but it just didn’t happen. I did get one relatively large object out of the house though. The cats never really liked their little play thing. Hopefully Kayla’s will. I ended up going to bed early with a headache and some congestion.

Let me get this straight. You desperately need this to do your job, but you don’t know what it does? Of course, how silly of me.

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