And Then You Marry One

It was so nice out this morning that I took the Grom in all day. Something was happening in front of Hickey Park though, and traffic was backed up about halfway to my street. It looked like they were moving stuff from one Tyson truck to another, but the trucks were already in the parking lot and for some reason they had a portable canopy set up between them. There were some cops there as well, but I couldn’t make out what was actually happening.

I closed out several old work orders, and even dealt with a sassy teacher. I guess it wasn’t really a surprise to find out she’s married to another thorn in my side out there. The morning went by so quickly that I ended up taking a late lunch. I had a couple expiring deals, so I made a coupon run through McDonald’s and then Chick-fil-A. I stopped by the house to eat quickly, then went back to work and caught up with the Google hardware announcement.

After work, I came home and got busy cleaning. My shower had been leaking water from the door trough, so I decided to take the doors out and powerwash them. I didn’t notice until I was nearly done, but there was actually a cavity in the bottom of the doors that was just full of lint and soap scum. Undoubtedly, that was what kept pushing water out of the shower when the trough got full.

I hit a wall pretty quickly after that. I tried to keep the momentum going, but I stopped for a light dinner and then just couldn’t get moving again. I felt so sleepy that I rushed my evening routine and went straight to bed.

I didn’t want the ashes, and I surely didn’t want a vial of his fur, but thanks for the thought, I guess?

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