We found out during our morning meeting that Heather resigned at like 7:30 this morning. I immediately called dibs on the junior high campus, about 30% joking. I kind of like my new office, but I miss so much about the junior high. Moving back, I would miss my mile drive to work. There are so many tradeoffs that there’s no real winning for me unless I get an official pay raise.

I stuck around the shop all morning just picking at what work orders and emails I could do remotely. Gary upgraded SCCM, which I thought was going to be much more involved, but it was literally an in-app auto update. I kind of mistakenly suggested Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings for lunch, and five of us ended up walking across the street there for lunch.

The afternoon was quiet, even with taking a trip to the high school to take care of a couple things. I had to get back at the end of the school day to help swap a touch panel at the junior high. We had four people for that though, so I ended up leaving to visit with the library for a minute. Allen let me drive his car back to the shop, which was awesome. I would’ve liked to get on the gas a little more, but I wanted to be respectful of how he drives.

I stopped to visit Summer on the way home, and ended up hanging out there a bit longer than I intended. She was having a pretty exhausting day, and I know she’s ready to be over this week of bad luck. The weekend couldn’t get here fast enough for her.

I spent much of the early evening chatting with Sprint to figure out why my bill went up 26% on a line that I don’t even use. I’ve basically been an idiot for three years and continued to overpay just to keep the first cell phone number I ever had. Autumn went to spend the weekend with her father, so Eaddie came over with Summer for the evening and they watched some TV while I threw together a quick, late dinner before bed.

“…as you are not only a customer but a family member as well.”
– Ella L, Sprint Chat Rep

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