Life is the Bubbles!

Today was supposed to be a bit stormy, but like yesterday, I never saw any rain. I went to work in the morning to whittle down my work order count, and spent a pretty big chunk of time helping a kid from EAST troubleshoot why a whole row of their computers weren’t connecting to the network. What we ended up discovering is that they don’t have their own switch in the lab, and since we maintain that piece of equipment, they had triggered port security when they moved some computers around.

I left for a late lunch and got stuck by a train for about half an hour. Then I dropped in to Burger King to get some food for the girls and myself. Bác Vân had intercepted a package for me, so I retrieved that and set up a new security camera in the house. Then I rode the Shadow back in to work.

I had to get a wireless access point from the shop, so while I was there I showed Gary the bike and let him ride around the block. It gave him the itch to fix up his own, so hopefully we’ll get that going for real this year. Ben showed back up while we were outside, and we all chatted for a bit until school let out. Then I went back to the high school to finish up.

After work, I went home to see the girls off to karate. Summer went home afterward, so I took the new bike back out where I properly met my neighbor, David. Then I headed to Allen’s for show-and-tell and he, in turn, showed me where he went off the road on the interstate after blowing one of his rear tires. Whatever he picked up must have gotten both of his driver side tires, because his front was completely flat as well.

When I left, I took the bike to the car wash and gave it a proper soap bath. It looked way better without the stickers and weather grime everywhere. I’ll need to do some polishing to the gas tank, and I’d like to fix up the handlebars so they’re not crooked, but otherwise I think it’ll do just fine.

From there, I got the girls from karate and headed up to Summer’s where we threw together some dinner. The cat must have missed me, because she kept coming around to lay on top of me until I finally went to bed myself.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta slow down and smell the roses.

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