I Have a Certain Set of Skills

Today was another beautiful day that made it hard to go inside to work. I spent all morning running back and forth across campus to close out some simple work orders. It went by a lot quicker than I expected, and I ended up taking a late lunch.

I just ran home and made a burrito to eat, then stopped by to see Summer on the way to the shop. I chatted with Gary for a bit, and then I ended up sitting with Ben for quite a while to figure out a way to bend Impero to our will, and it seemed to work at the time, but we won’t really know until tomorrow.

I didn’t get back to the high school until pretty late, so I wrapped up what I could and headed home. The girls were going to dinner with their father, so I thought I was going to just stay home and have dinner by myself, but Summer inadvertently talked me into coming up to have a late dinner with her.

Since I had what felt like hours to kill, I went to Walmart to track down some deals that Dad had spotted. They had the cheaper Nest thermostats marked down to $99, but I had hoped they were the higher end ones.

After covering the entire store, I finally made my way up the hill and scarfed some cold pizza with Summer. Then we all sat in the living room and watched some random clips on YouTube before bed.

I spent your money AND made you do the work! Hah!

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