Millions of Peaches

It was another pretty quiet day, so I got several work orders closed over the course of the day. I had a lunch date with Summer at Brown’s, so I picked her up around noon and we hit up the buffet. She accidentally burned herself pretty badly on the Shadow’s exhaust because it stuck out so much farther than the other bikes.

After lunch, I went by the shop and chatted with Zach for a bit before going back to the high school. Summer didn’t feel great and left work early. I finished the day and went home to change before getting all three kids. Then we went to the Neighborhood Market first to try and find some pumpkins.

I was worried after going to Walmart last night and seeing the empty pumpkin bin, but sMalmart had three full bins outside, and another couple bins inside. We spotted the kids’ grandfather walking in, so Autumn went with him to shop while the rest of us finished picking pumpkins. Then we went inside to browse, and I bought two more big bags of cheap peaches. Before this year, I hadn’t bought peaches for years just because I was always disappointed in the ones I found, but these have been delicious morning, day, and night. I’ll miss when they’re out of season again.

We dropped the pumpkins off at my parents’ house, then went back home for the evening. Summer had a low grade fever for most of the evening, so we left her alone in bed and played Among Us on our devices. It was a really good time getting to do something like that with all three kids. Then it was a slow shuffle off to bed for everyone.

If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day!

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