This morning started pretty rough, comparatively. I’ve got to get back into the groove of actually doing anything every day, and since nobody managed to secure any millions of dollars while I was badly ill, going to work is one of those things. I’m not sure if the grilled onions, bacon, egg, and cheese on a leftover Popeye’s biscuit was the culprit, but it was delicious nonetheless.

I made it to work well before the recyclers, and unloaded some old scrap electronics. Then I headed to the junior high by myself to work on more laptops. I actually didn’t really fix any laptops, but I did manage to build an updated image for them that includes some software that was missing before.

Eaddie met up with me after school, but her father picked her up just before my quitting time, so they could go out to eat. Since he had the girls, I left work to catch Summer, and we went to Sumo for dinner. It was relatively quiet, but the food was better than I’ve had there in a long time, and came out super quickly. Then we each went home so I could check on the house before I caught up with everyone at her house.

Noah had just started Spenser Confidential, so I sat down and watched that with them. Eaddie was in trouble for most of the night for losing her brand new Invisalign, but then Noah found them sitting – transparently – on the bathroom counter. It’s no wonder no one made it rich within the last month. After the movie, it was off to bed to do it all over again.

Like a clown fish and an anemone!

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