Lonely Friday

With so many quarantined, there were only four of us on site at all today. We didn’t have any projects, so I just went straight to the high school to get started. When Mike got there, I helped him take care of a couple things. That got us nearly to lunch, so I ran by the shop for a bit and then met him at Linh’s.

After lunch, I went by the shop again to image a laptop to deploy at the junior high. Gary stopped in and chatted with me for a little bit, and then I finished the day at the junior high. It took me a while to get the laptop set up with all the software she needed, so I didn’t really get anything else done before quitting time.

I picked Autumn up at the high school, and then dropped her off late for therapy since nobody told me she was scheduled for it. I had just a little bit of time to go home and check on Bác Vân at her house, and then I went back to take Autumn home.

Eaddie and I went to my parents’ for dinner, and then Summer came along after the gym. Bác Vân wanted some soup too, so when we left, I took her some for the next day. My new Chromecast with Google TV came in, and somehow I received the wrong note card inside with someone else’s message. I’m not sure what’s funnier: The Pee Team, or the fact that some other random person received my card with “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

After putting it off this long, I’d better pass this A+ test the first time.

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