Junior Tecknikken

Summer had me drop the girls off at school this morning, so it was a slightly earlier day for me than usual. We dropped Autumn off, and then I went to the junior high with Eaddie. I ended up staying the entire day, only leaving to get some Arby’s for lunch. It was mostly quiet, but I got a decent amount done there.

After work, we had to get Autumn from the high school, and then we waited at my house until time for karate. Once I dropped them off for that, I went to my parents’ house for some dinner. Dad made a corned beef, and then afterward he did some mad science to try and fix the tea infuser I had that broke immediately after I purchased it and brought it home.

Nobody got electrocuted, but the tea ball didn’t stay together either. I eventually headed home for the evening and spent all night trudging through email.

Hold my beer.

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