A Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

It rained all day today, which made it feel pretty bitterly cold. I spent most of the morning troubleshooting my recently-deployed software while Mike chatted at me. The day went by relatively quickly, and it felt a little eerily quiet, likely because I’m not actually getting any ticket emails assigned directly to me any more.

When we left for lunch, I ran by Burger King and McDonald’s for a Whopper and fries, then stuffed myself at home. Suzanne came by to visit in the afternoon and inspected Frankie, my office succulent. Hopefully he pulls out of the dry spell he found himself in while I was gone. While she was there, she showed us that, evidently the rest of the nation had fallen into chaos with riots in the streets.

Autumn didn’t go to school today, so it was just Eaddie and me all evening. We went home after work to change, then to my parents’ house for dinner. Summer eventually made it home after yet another long day, so we picked her up a cup of chili and some fries on the way home. I called Bác Vân at the hospital to check in on her, and then it was an early night to bed.

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