Six of One, a Dozen of the Other

Things were pretty quiet today. Mike came in and talked at me for a while in the morning until he had to leave for an early lunch. I took a late lunch and then just ate it at the junior high since they had some work that needed to be done.

Evidently Zach, Greg, and Ben all had to quarantine again, so it’s just the relative newbies and me until Gary gets back next week. Fortunately it’s a pretty good time of year to be short, so I don’t think it will get too stressful. I finished most of what needed to be done at the junior high, but then I had to go to the high school to get the girls because Eaddie didn’t get my message to stay at the junior high.

We dropped Eaddie off at her flute lesson, and then Autumn and I finished the day at the junior high. When Eaddie was done, we got their karate gear from Summer at her shop, and I dropped them off. Then I went to my parents’ house for dinner and to crunch some numbers.

We wrapped up just in time for me to get the girls. Michael was there, I guess donating a bunch of weight lifting stuff, so I helped him unload. Then I took the girls to pick up some flowers to take home to Summer. It was an even quieter night, with everyone off doing their own thing. We watched a very little bit of YouTube with Eaddie, and then it was bedtime for everyone.

The indian shoots his arrow at the smaller, weaker number.

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