Router? I hardly know her!

Most everyone was off for the holiday today. We weren’t, because of course we had to be there. Why wouldn’t we? I spent all morning at the shop setting up a new virtual machine for another Impero server. That should make us at least a little bit future-proof.

Lunch couldn’t come early enough, and Josh, Kyle, Ben, and I went to Stoby’s as an act of rebellion against Zach and Greg wanting to go out of town for Fat Daddy’s. I’d be fine never eating there ever again. It’s not bad. It’s just not worth driving out of town when the one in town has a bigger menu.

After lunch, I spent a couple hours at the junior high. Most of that time was eaten up when I had to assemble Bri’s new dual monitor stand setup. What made that so ridiculous was the fact that she has a desktop with dual monitors about six feet away. That class budget is just too damn high, so she’s left buying useless or redundant crap just to spend it all. I don’t even know how many lamps she had in that room.

I ended the day at the high school just for a little while to try and resolve an issue in one of my labs. Then I headed home for the evening. I originally thought I’d be heading up to Summer’s for the evening, but I lost track of time while picking and cleaning. She didn’t really have any plans anyway, so I just stayed in and cleaned up the leftover salad for dinner.

Between bouncing around from room to room, I occasionally stopped at the computer and discovered some weirdness going on with my router and internet. I tried repeatedly to update the firmware, to no avail. It was pretty frustrating, but I continued to juggle that along with all the cleaning and organizing until bedtime.

Well it looks different to me.

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