More Phones, More Problems

I went to the high school again first thing this morning and did a bit of work while just generally being available for Mike to ask questions. It wasn’t long though, before I got an urgent work order from the junior high regarding some trouble in their cafeteria. I headed across town and got them going pretty easily, and even got a cookie for my troubles.

The library seemed a little terse today with their new duties, and I don’t really know what they have to be upset about. I guess it’s just resistance to change, which is common anyway. I went to lunch pretty late since I was on a roll on closing out work orders. I just grabbed a free Whopper and some onion rings, then ate at home.

I went back to the high school for a little while after lunch, but then had to meet Kyle and Greg for a touch panel swap at Sequoyah. Gary had already helped Kyle load up the truck by the time I got there, so we just met Greg at the school as the buses were loading. The SMART E70 came down without too much trouble, and it was about the best time I’ve ever had removing one.

The girls were staying in, so I left work a little late after chatting with Ben for a little while, then went to my parents’ house for dinner. I needed to pick up some batteries for my Nerf gun, so I went to Walmart and wandered through the aisles for a little while before coming home for the evening.

Summer’s phone died on her earlier in the day, so she had to file a warranty claim. My new Galaxy S21 Ultra was supposed to be here tomorrow, but now the shipping information says it’s delayed without any additional information. Hopefully it arrives early next week so I can get it set up in time for the trip.

Okay, so what do you need.. besides a miracle?
Nerf. Lots of Nerf.

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