It felt super cold today from how wet it’s been. I went to the high school first thing, and sat in with Mike all day. I tried to just be there so he could ask his questions, and guide him on a few work orders. He’s still having trouble keeping on task and closing out some of the simpler ones, so hopefully we can break him out of that before the start of school when it becomes much more overwhelming.

Lunch came around pretty quickly, and I picked up some Arby’s and surprised Summer at work. After we ate, I went to the shop and ended staying there the rest of the day, poking at Impero and contacting support so we can spin up another server to support all of the client connections we have.

The girls went to dinner with their father, so I went home and waited for Summer to get off work. She ended up just going home afterward anyway, which was a better choice all around anyway. Becky came by and dropped off a tiny painting she made me for Christmas, and we chatted for a little bit before I went to my parents’ house for dinner. Then it was back home for a cold, quiet evening.


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