Federal Disappointment

I only slept in a little while after staying up until after three clicking for those stupid paperclips. I fixed up some leftovers for brunch, and sat down to prestige in that game, and continue clicking cookies in the other. The girls spent most of the day doing chores until Summer went to the gym. Then Eaddie wanted to go to my house to go skateboarding while I cleaned up.

We didn’t stay at my house long, and I picked Eaddie up at the high school after she met her little boyfriend there. Summer beat us home and had started cleaning house. Then once Noah got home from work, we went to my parents’ house for a quick dinner.

FedEx never did deliver my new phone because it only just arrived in Mississippi today. Hopefully it arrives here tomorrow, for real. Everyone else would be back to work in the morning, so I finished up my second run of Universal Paperclips until bed.

Where’s my heated steering wheel?

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