Attack of the Time Sinks

I woke up to an empty house today, and continued my clicker games until my FedEx package arrived at the Dollar General up the road. As soon as I got it back to the house, I got to work applying my screen protector with the liquid, optically clear adhesive. The packaging of the phone ended up making it a dirtier and dustier project than I like, but I eventually got everything together.

The sticker at the top of the phone that was supposed to prevent the adhesive from seeping into the speaker did basically nothing, and appeared to even draw the liquid into it with surface tension. Next time I’ll have to line the phone with some masking tape or something, because it was a bit of a pain to get it all out. It made me pretty nervous, but it all worked out alright in the end. The biggest disappointment was a wave of discolored area in the screen. Unfortunately I didn’t turn the phone on before applying the screen protector, so I have no way of knowing if it’s caused by the adhesive, or if the screen itself is defective. Rather than remove the screen protector now, I decided to give it just under a year to crack or chip. As the end of the phone warranty approaches, I may have to peel the protector off and see what’s really going on.

I eventually had to leave to get the girls from school. I took them back to my house, and they rode their bikes to Oakland Heights until it was time for me to take Autumn to her Monday night school. Eaddie and I went to my parents’ house to work on some leftovers until it was time to get Autumn again. Then we made it up the hill for the evening.

Summer spent the evening on the couch setting up her replacement phone after her original Pixel 3 died. We never could get it going again, so it’ll be sent back tomorrow. The girls went to bed pretty soon after they got home, and I stayed up late getting my new phone prepared to port my old Sprint number over tomorrow.

Entertain the swarm.

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