It’s Just a Figment of Your Imagination

I tried again not to sleep in too late, but really all I’m doing is depriving myself of sleep, because I haven’t been going to bed any earlier than usual. The girls were off to work and school, so I had some more cereal for breakfast. Then I tried not to stay idle for too long. I headed home and cleaned up enough so I could do some laundry before the trip.

When school let out, I picked up the girls and took Eaddie to her flute lesson. Since we didn’t have anything else to do, we just waited in the car for her. Then we went by the shop to see Summer and get the girls’ karate gear. Once I dropped off the girls, I got one more load of laundry started before I had to meet everyone at my parents’ house.

Julie brought all of our stuff over, and surprised everyone with a couple custom-made shirts. I got a silhouette of Figment wearing Mickey ears for my personalized shirt. Then I got “Cow” on my other shirt while everyone else had their names, but I own it.

We didn’t fuss too much, though the Disney Experience app seemed terrible. Much too terrible for a company so large and a park so expensive. Hopefully we get it sorted before it becomes a problem. I headed home to finish up my laundry, then spent too many hours cleaning out my inbox.

Should have saved it for the layover.

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