Everywhere Around the World, They’ll Be Shopping in the Streets

Today was our vacation from our vacation day. I tried not to sleep in because I knew sleeping in would just make it harder to go to sleep at the end of the day. So of course I woke up to my alarm, was scolded, then slept in until 10 while everyone else got up and walked around the resort. When I did finally get up, everyone came back and we took the bus to Disney Springs.

We were a bit worried there wouldn’t be anything for the kids, but it was actually a really neat place. Sure, there were tons of brand stores where you could pay retail for all their offerings, but there were some other places like a big Disney store that we could pick up some other souvenirs that we hadn’t seen in any of the parks. We saw a tiny Lego store with some statues inside and out. We had a huge, late lunch at T-Rex Cafe, where they had dinosaur animatronics and a periodic meteor shower show where the lights dimmed as a re-enactment of the extinction event.

Overall it was a pretty great day in spite of the couple of people that didn’t feel well. It was a whole lot less stressful than trying to cover all of a theme park, and I think everyone walked away happy with the things they bought. The kids got a bit tired of shopping though, so we let them take the bus back to the resort to go swimming.

When we finally got back, the kids were leaving the pool for food, so we stayed in for a quiet evening. Everyone got a quick training on how to queue for Rise of the Resistance, and eventually it was off to bed.

Man, Motown in Motion was HOT tonight!

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