Planet Hollywood

Everyone got up early this morning to try and queue for Rise of the Resistance, but it sold out immediately, not even loading the “join” button for some. We carried on to Hollywood Studios, a little defeated, and we were let into the park about half an hour early. Our first stop was the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Then we hit the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, followed by a surprisingly great Lightning McQueen animatronic in a show.

After finishing that, we pretty much immediately split off of the family group to do our own thing. I wasn’t willing to stick around for it to turn into a fight first thing in the morning, and we had a whole new Star Wars area to discover. The Smuggler’s Run was incredible and worth the wait. We ordered some food while we waited for the rest of the family to come around, but they still ended up doing their own things.

I really wanted to build a lightsaber, but I also really didn’t want to have another large toy sitting around the house. We ended up just wandering through some shops until we could get in to eat. We didn’t order much food, but it got us right to the 1:00 queue time. The five of us refreshed our phones to try and get in for Rise again, and Summer actually made it. With that out of the way, we were free to enjoy the rest of the park.

Our dinner reservation at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater happened to be right around the time we expected to get called back to our virtual queue, but we made it work. We just didn’t waste any time at all getting food to our table and down our throats. We arrived back at the physical queue just in time to wander into the cave leading to the ride. It wouldn’t really even be fair to call it a ride. The whole thing is more of an event with several stages, and it was incredible.

We wrapped up the evening with Toy Story, and then headed back to our rooms for an early night. No more Disney Springs for us, after all.

Going to light speed was so satisfying.

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