So Long, and Thanks for All the Wish(es)

We got up early this morning, but for some reason I agreed to let the kids get breakfast at the resort instead of leaving on the bus for our last day in the Magic Kingdom. By the time we got outside, the line for the bus was as long as we had seen it all week long, and Julie and my parents came strolling out just as we got to the head of the line. When we got to the park, we just took off to do what we wanted while we could.

Eventually we all caught up with each other for a little while. I got the newbies through the rest of the park, but the kids started to be less into it as we went. It got more than a little aggravating at times, but I know the week has worn on them too. We’re all just ready to be back home now.

Our last dinner reservation was at Be Our Guest, and we ended up sitting in the exact same room, at very close to the exact same table. It would have been nice to get another room so we could look around at something new, but I guess we didn’t get a choice. I didn’t care for my lamb chops, or even the overly sweet dessert. At least the bread and French onion soup were good.

When we got back to the room, the kids packed everything up for the trip home tomorrow. Summer and I walked to the neighboring resort to look for a different sized ring she wanted, but in the end she decided to force a fit into the largest one they had. Tomorrow, we’ll begin what’s looking like a completely booked flight back home. I just wish we didn’t have to spend so much time in the airport before our initial departure.

More like “the most exhausting place on earth.”

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