One Man’s Treasure

I forced myself out of bed this morning so I wouldn’t ruin my bedtime for the whole weekend. It was finally time to head back home to freezing temperatures after our week around the palm trees. We got breakfast on our resort, then took the bus back to the airport. After that, we spent all day flying or hanging out in terminals. We were long gone by the time I realized that housekeeping had thrown away the souvenir Coke bottles I picked up at Black Spire Outpost. After making it all the way through the vacation with my new phone, I also scratched the hell out of the back of it on my seatbelt.

The flights were a bit bumpy as we flew through some turbulence, but we made it out alive and relatively on time, even after our last flight changed terminals at the last second in Dallas. The drive home was exhausting as well, so I got particularly upset when we got back home to Summer’s house to find a cat had been left inside the house and tore up a bunch of stuff. The smell really got to me, so I ended up just heading straight home by myself after that.

Good talk.

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