White Out Black Out

I’ve been trying not to sleep in too much since the snow days aren’t super predictable. I don’t know when they’ll open schools back up, but the snow is still just as powdery as it was when it first fell. A little bit of it melted, or sublimated away in the sun, but not much. We haven’t even been out of the house since this whole thing started, so we have no idea how the main roads have been. There’s been very little traffic here.

Summer’s been knocking out meals with whatever she’s found in the fridge, and it’s been pretty great. It’ll be nice to get to start fresh with a mostly empty fridge when this all blows over. Eaddie has at least appeared to do some school work whenever I’ve checked on her. Autumn is mostly sleeping or watching shows on one of her too-many devices, claiming that none of her teachers have given her any work. I almost look forward to some hellish punishment when her grades aren’t where they need to be.

We played some more Phase 10, but that’s about as interactive as it’s gotten. Right in the middle of that, the power went out and we had to break out the candles to finish our game. We weren’t sure how long it would last, hoping it was just a temporary, planned outage to help with power shortages elsewhere. Whether or not it was planned, it thankfully came back on almost exactly a half hour later.

The girls all went to bed pretty early, but I stayed up to toy with QR codes. Now I’ve got even more neat ideas to be underutilized.

You can’t click cookies without power!

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