Snow Problem

I unintentionally slept in pretty late today. Summer got around to making pancakes for a late breakfast, and eventually we got up the nerve to leave the house. After a week of cooking multiple fresh meals every day, we ran out of a couple essentials, so Summer, Autumn, and I loaded up in her car to get down the hill. Things went pretty smoothly until she got stopped coming up the hill to get onto Weir Road. Luckily a truck stopped and a couple guys got out to help us push her car out of its little rut.

We stopped at my house first, since I was ill-dressed for the weather. I took a quick shower after having filled my boat shoes with dirty snow. Then we went to Walmart for some supplies. They were pretty picked apart, but we didn’t need much. We spent more time looking at clearance deals than anything else, and scored a bunch of smelly-good stuffs.

The trip back up to Summer’s was easy enough until we got to her hill of a driveway. Autumn and I had to back her into the street to get a running start, then push her up over a hump before she could get up to the house. Summer’s spaghetti dinner was great, and then Autumn wanted to play a game of classic Rummy. Afterward, she and Summer went to their rooms and Eaddie and I watched some more House until bed.


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