I Sea Potential

We had a pretty lengthy meeting first thing this morning to cover some more processes and network structure. I felt great about my own understanding. Once that was over, we moved a bunch of tech tubs out of the shop and into the graveyard. Then I spent the rest of the morning trying to figure out the best way to run power to my desk since there’s no power outlet on that side of the room. Hopefully I won’t be drawing too much current through the single extension cord I have running across the floor.

Most of us went to Sam’s for lunch, and though the food was as good as ever, our server seemed a little off somehow. She wasn’t bad, but she just felt somehow clumsy. I got my food last, and after seeing my receipt, I was pretty sure I got the wrong side items. Everything I’ve had there is delicious though, so it really didn’t even matter to me what I got.

After lunch, I went to the high school to do some more work. Ben had a meeting with three of the computer lab aides and wanted me to stop by for a meet and greet. Then he came back to the office with me for a little while.

The girls went with their father after school, and Summer was feeling under the weather. She eventually came over as I milled around the house looking for things to set up in my new office. The night seemed to drag on forever, and I couldn’t ever really focus on anything, which made it worse. At least I was able to piece together a custom Linktree-style landing page with rotating filler text. I feel smartish.

This place needs more nautical decor.

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