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Summer had to work for a few hours today, so I got up and around and eventually made my way to the high school to pick up some of my things. I loaded a flatbed cart up with stuff to get into my trunk, then delivered it all to my new office under Gardner. It took me a few hours to get things situated, particularly because of the lack of power. I’ll have to come up with even more if I want to have anything set up to the right of my main desk.

After work, Summer wanted some nachos, so I stopped by Taco Villa on the way home. Then we watched Stranger than Fiction, which was an older movie than I realized. I loved it, and I was happy to see Will Ferrell in a role that didn’t have him being his usual level of ridiculous.

I stayed up a little bit late to set up my new Samsung Galaxy Watch3, but was disappointed to learn that the eSIM isn’t supported for Google Fi. That didn’t even register as a possibility, and it was super upsetting that this wasn’t more obvious when I bought it with my promotional credit. At least I was able to pick up the device protection plan for the phone after it failed to register to my account at the point of purchase.

It’s a tragedy.

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