You Have to See It for Yourself

Summer and I got up this morning and went to breakfast at IHOP since I had a free birthday stack of pancakes. Our server was a former student of hers, but that only made us a little nervous. The restaurant was absolutely packed though, mostly from an after-church rush. She barely came by the table at all, but the food was good.

Summer was going to go home afterward, but we ended up hanging out at the house until the girls got home. Then we watched a couple episodes of WandaVision before heading to my parents’ house for fish soup. We chatted for a little while since we hadn’t been around much since Disney. Then we stopped by Summer’s parents’ house to pick up the Toyota Matrix they were giving to Autumn.

The battery was dead, so we had to jump start it in the rain. The dome light was also burned out, which made finding buttons in the car a little difficult too, but we got it going enough for Summer to bring it back to my house. The girls went on home from there, and I spent some time tinkering with my Galaxy Watch3. I’m afraid it’s not doing much to grow on me, but at least the used market for them looks decent.


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