Homing In

I slept in pretty late today, forgetting that Summer still had to work. It’s been a busy spring break so far, and today was no exception. As soon as I got up, the girls started asking when we’d leave for my house. I told them to get things cleaned up, and then we could go any time. They dawdled around, mostly forgetting to actually do anything, until I forced them.

Autumn wanted me to drop her off with Summer so she could help out at the shop before and after therapy. I took Eaddie on home, but as soon as we got there, she took off on her bike. I spent the whole time outside, slowly poking through the garage. I felt pretty good about the little bit of organization I did, but there’s still so much to do.

A little while after Eaddie got back, I decided to take a break and take her out on a motorcycle ride. We stopped by the shop to see when Summer would be off, then took the scenic route to my parents’ house. I chatted with Dad for a little bit about the renovation, and then we headed back home once Summer was off work.

She wanted chicken, so we settled on Slim Chickens for a whopping forty five dollars. I recognized the little girl that took our order from school, and we noticed the crew in the back mouthing her for fussing at them while she was running all over the restaurant cleaning everything in sight. I told Summer she needed to hire her, so we did a little headhunting. Summer needed some practice being smooth, so I had to get her name to get the conversation started. Then Summer started probing about her job and invited her down for an interview.

Arms full of that delicious strawberry lemonade, we headed back home for the evening. Still unsatisfied, Summer sent Eaddie and me out on a Blizzard quest. Then Eaddie and I sat in the living room: her on her phone and me on mostly YouTube until she went to bed.

Take inventory, itemize, and make it happen.

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