Treasure Hunt

I’d been out of work so frequently lately that I forgot my backpack this morning. This was a problem because I actually took my laptop home over spring break, and I needed it for work. I ran back home, then ended up at the high school for the morning to help Mike replace some laptop screens, which turned out to be pretty simple.

Summer and I had a lunch date, but I had to be back to the shop in time for training right after, so I quickly ran to get her and get to Mulan’s. The food was super good today, which made me that much sadder that I didn’t have time for dessert. I barely made it back in time. Karie was already at the shop and had already started, but it was just a refresher for me anyway. She kept it short, because the real TLDR is that we have to fix things without looking at anything.

I stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, and had to go hunting for all the things Melinda took out of my office. She found the cricket and hid it in the ceiling right above me, which wasn’t at all creative. I felt like I was annoying others more than anything, since I had to go through their things to find my own. She took so many things that I didn’t even remember what all was missing, but I think I found it all with some help from the others that were less than excited by her shenanigans.

The girls walked to Oakland after school, so I picked them up and took them home after work. Then I dropped Autumn off for her third last day of Monday night school. I stopped in to fix a couple computers in Ethan’s lab, then met Summer at the house so we could watch the newest episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier with Eaddie. As that ended, they had to leave and get Autumn.

I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. My blood pressure has been high without my medication, so I’m starting back on it in the mornings to see if it makes any difference compared to taking it in the evening. Hopefully the anxiety attacks don’t return, but if they do at least I’ll be prepared with a better explanation for them.

April Fools is coming…

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