10 Hours Sitar Music with Crickets

I made it in to work early so I could light my incense and smoke the place up. It didn’t really pay off as much as I had hoped, but everyone enjoyed the Texas Instruments computer I set up on Melinda’s desk. It was otherwise a very quiet day, and one where I struggled to do much. With Ben on the way out, and it being that time of the year when everything gets really slow anyway, it’s just been really hard to do work.

Gary, Greg, Brody, and I went to Fat Daddy’s for lunch, and I was talked into getting this monster of a sandwich. It was okay, but truly I’m spoiled on barbecue. We may even go for Ridgewood Brothers tomorrow. I want to try the bacon burnt ends.

As the day came to a close, I made my way home for a little bit before taking the girls to karate. Then I went to my parents’ and helped Dad put a couple tarps over their plants to prevent them from freezing. Once the girls were done, I took them home and we ate some take-and-bake pizza from the school and watched an episode of Glee before everyone was off to bed.

I’m just numb to chirping now.

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