No, I Said Get the Cardigan!

We sort of had a team meeting this morning, mostly about the questionable future of the department. I think most of us are pretty nervous, and it would do a whole lot of good to promote internally just for the sake of morale alone. We finally split up for a couple tasks, and I went to the junior high with Brody to round up some old laptop carts.

I think Josh and Kyle were supposed to bring us a truck and trailer to return the carts to the graveyard, but they never made it by lunch. Somehow lines were crossed and they ended up burning the whole morning trying to image a lab at the middle school.

Everyone that was there today went to lunch together at the Ridgewood Brothers. It was nice to have some solidarity, and of course the food was great. Then after lunch we finally got our carts. It took three trips, and we still didn’t finish, but we had to call it quits in order to make a touch panel delivery to Center Valley before quitting time.

Zach met Brody and me out there, and we hung the touch panel as quickly as we could before time to go home. Then I went by the shop to take Eaddie home so she could ride her bike. By the time we got there, we both agreed that traffic was being too stupid for her to risk it, so we stayed in and watched House instead.

Summer came over with fundraiser chicken dinners, and then Eaddie and I went to get Autumn when they were done. I took them home to clean up and pack, and then we came back to my house where everyone immediately collapsed into bed.

In retrospect, I may have in fact just been carjacked.

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