Burninating the Countryside!

Summer had to work for a little while today, so Autumn and I got up and had breakfast at Hardee’s. We had a pretty good chat, then dropped a sandwich off for Summer on the way home. Eaddie eventually got around to eat and came outside to help Autumn and me burn the brush in the back yard. I was a little surprised how well it burned, considering how much green was back there. The trick now is to mow it regularly so it doesn’t get bad again this year.

As the fire died down, Eaddie went through and clipped down larger plants that didn’t burn down. Autumn moved some of the ash around to try and level the ground, and found a box turtle that we accidentally roasted. I dug a hole for her to bury it, and then went to clean out the garage. Once the girls were tired of working in the yard, Autumn came inside and Eaddie took off on her bike.

Eventually I got the girls back home to clean up, and we had to sit down for a family chat about wanting to go to their father’s for the weekend. I still had to get cleaned up myself, so we started Eaddie on mowing the lawn. Summer went to the gym, and I stopped by to give Robert another Cyberathlete Professional League sticker I found. He gifted me a little bit of brisket, and finally I headed home to shower.

I started feeling pretty sick after my shower, with a bit of a chill and some general wooziness. I made my way up to Summer’s for the evening, but there was so much noise in the house that I had to break out the XM4s to just chill out in silence for a bit. Summer took Eaddie to get Dairy Queen since I was killing her vibe. Then everyone went to bead.

Burninating the peasants!

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