The Thinking Den

It was a pretty quiet day today, which was good because I burned most of it trying to figure out what broke in SCCM. I just stayed in my office with some music, and repeatedly imaged a laptop to see why it wasn’t doing some certain steps in the task sequence. The newbies came through several times and I helped when I could. Mike was particularly goofy today. Gary was still on a pretty good high with having a new car, and he drove me to Linh’s for lunch.

Zach and his door crew didn’t finish in time to meet us, so the two of us just ate there and then took him some to go. Then I dug through log files all afternoon to no avail. I stopped by Casey’s on the way out, then went to the shop to see Summer for a bit before going to my parents’ for dinner.

They were just eating leftovers, so I finished up the spring rolls and then went home for the night. My major accomplishment for the day was cleaning out my personal email, which at least didn’t require any deep thought. At some point, I froze myself out when my Nest thermostat decided I wanted to be cooled to 72ยบ in early spring when the evening temperature is set to drop to the low 60s. Aaron popped online and bounced around in TeamSpeak, which caught my attention. I talked to him for just a little bit, and then it was off to bed.

And for a brief moment, I thought I’d just learn to become an electrical engineer on YouTube.

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