This morning started out unconventionally, but eventually worked itself out. I got to work with plenty of time and continued my investigation into why imaging was broken. Shane from Howard was taking us out to lunch at Brick Oven, so at least we had something to look forward to. I had my fill of a variety of pizzas, and even did well in breaking even with all the large pizzas I ordered for the table to share. That’s basically been my goal for forever: to successfully order for our group a perfect amount of food that would make everybody fat and happy without any waste. It turns out the answer was five large pizzas.

It took me multiple days and a bunch of consulting, but ultimately I confirmed that it was a Windows update that broke our Windows image in SCCM. I rolled back to the root image and everything was back to normal, so now I get to play “Which Update Broke Everything.”

The girls were sorted for the evening, so after work I went by Summer’s shop to find that she had already left. While I was on that side of the tracks, I stopped in to pick up my blood pressure medication. Then I went home for a little bit. Having some time left in the evening, I had Dad come over to shop at Lowe’s with me. We picked up the materials we needed to run my clothes dryer vent out of the house instead of into the garage.

While Dad was here, he took some pictures of the house for a prospective buyer. His neighbor across the street has some family moving to town that are looking for a home to buy, and evidently mine is for sale if the price is right. Nevermind the 15 years I’ve been here, presumably building equity. I assumed that building the family estate was more important, but if the house is going to be sold out from under me leaving me with no equity as though I have been renting the entire time, then all was for naught. Housing prices are high right now, so I wouldn’t blame him for selling. I’m just not sure how I feel about what I’ve paid or set aside for rent. The lesson here, kids, is to keep family and your money separate.

After a trip to lowe’s for the dryer ducting and some shopping for tile that I may or may not buy myself, we came home to a rogue cat that was wandering around the neighborhood. I spent some time outside with him, but ultimately gave up after he tried to climb up the vertical side of my car, scratching the paint on the way back down. The lesson here was apparently that you shouldn’t be nice to anything. Lots of lessons today.

I came inside and video chatted with Summer for a bit. I’d refer to Duo, except that I’m not sure the app will be around long enough for that reference to make any sense for the next person to read this. Already aggravated by life, the universe, and everything, I ended up picking a fight with her about “how many sacrifices” either of us has made for any particular reason. We ultimately had to agree to disagree in a way where everybody felt like a loser.

There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke, but uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate.

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