King Zilla

I got up this morning and ate some leftover pasta while Summer went to the gym. Then I went home to clean up for our trip to Conway. As I was leaving, Bác Vân asked me to take some pictures of her garden for Bác Tran. Then I continued on up to get the girls.

I tried not to get us to Conway too early because our movie was super late, but they were getting hungry. I still had a couple gift cards for places that closed in Russellville, so we stopped by Firehouse for dinner first. We split sandwiches and used up some of my rewards points, but I’ve still got enough for another trip. There was only one guy there and they got a little bit busy, but it turned out fine. He started singing a couple times, and it was actually really nice.

Our next stop was Game Point to kill some time. Autumn wanted to look for Mario Party on the Nintendo DS, but they didn’t have it. We didn’t stay long before going to Steak ‘n Shake to burn another gift card. I also had a free burger, which I think was for my birthday, but again I didn’t consume all of the gift card.

Autumn really wanted to go to Books-A-Million, so we went there for a while and browsed around. The girls took off to go next door to Five Below, then Dollar Tree. We missed Sam’s Club because they closed early, so we spent the rest of the evening at Target until showtime.

We made it to Cinemark with plenty of time, though it took me three trips to the concession stand to satisfy everyone. We watched nearly half an hour of previews before the movie started, which just showed how much of a backlog of movies there are since the pandemic started. The next few months are gonna be bangin.

I liked the movie pretty well. The script was pretty trash, but I knew going in that we were really only going for the CG. It was almost exclusively monster action, which was probably its only saving grace. The story felt like it was just on rails the entire time so we could get to see epic titan fights. It was fun though, and you just can’t beat the screen size and audio in a theater for a good monster flick.

The drive home was fast and uneventful. The girls barely made it out of town before falling asleep, so everyone was off to bed as soon as we got home.

The movie would have been just as good, or better, with no speech or humans at all. Kind of like real life.

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