Off the Hook

We had a meeting first thing this morning where Gary basically griped at everyone for showing up at the shop after he literally told everyone to be scarce while the administorm (administratornado?) passes. Evidently Alan came down from upstairs after having some testing issues, and made a comment about seven of us just hanging around the shop. Nevermind that everyone had business there. We’re just the jerkoffs that sit around on computers all day.

I kept super busy all day, but made some time to learn some stuff too, which felt pretty good. I spent a pretty significant part of the day on my phone, because as Ben joked, Brody is an old soul that likes to just pick up the phone and call rather than text or email. I wasn’t terifficaly successful in my own endeavors, but at least I got to a point that I could admit failure.

Ben joined us for lunch at Quiznos after having to bail yesterday. I went with a 4-inch sandwich and cup of soup this time, which actually turned out pretty good. It was still far too expensive, but the food was good and I was plenty filled. Their strawberry lemonade is fantastic too.

At the end of the day, I packed up my speakers to avoid any negative impressions from outside the department. Fantasies of ruling come and go, though even then I could never resist poking the bear. Change requires belligerence.

Summer picked up the girls so they wouldn’t have to wait in the rain, and I went by the shop to visit after work. Eaddie made me play some Tetris while Autumn hid upstairs. When they left for home, I stopped by Taco John’s for a cheap dinner. The evening went by quickly, as they have been. I’ve had a much harder time getting motivated to clean on account of how tired I’ve been. I’m not sure how to remedy that, but maybe some sleep will help.

These go to eleven!

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