Ex Officio

It was still a bit rainy today after some storms last night. I never woke up or heard anything big, so I guess it wasn’t as bad as it looked on the radar. Work was pretty uneventful again until the afternoon. A bunch of us went to Linh’s and actually had good, fast service. Then I went to the junior high to help Brody with some stuff.

School was nearly out, so I waited for Eaddie to get out before heading back to my office. We loaded up some more stuff to bring back home, and then finished the day there before picking up Autumn at the high school.

We went by the shop to see Summer, and she was forced to work down in the pit after someone called in. She had a pretty bad day, so we waited and then all went out to eat at La Huerta for dinner. After we stuffed ourselves, I took the girls home and laid down with Summer for some TV before heading back home to bed.

Not Baader, Meinhof.

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